Natural Bloodstone Bracelet


Natural blood-red gemstone bracelet

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In the ancient world, Bloodstone was considered to be the most beautiful of the Jaspers, boasting an usual coloring of blood-red on the surface. It was believed to have been touch by the gods with healing powers and most certainly was used when it came to healing all things related to the blood.

Enjoy this eccentric blood-red gemstone bracelet that is quite comfortable to wear and a beautiful addition to match any style and outfit

Metaphysical Properties: The stone is believed to have the power to increase self-esteem, creativity and intuition. It also has the ability of enhancing decision making, neutralizing  anxiety and warding negative and evil energies.

Mix up this red dynamite with other wonderful bracelet from our stunning collection for a more creative and stunning look.

Product Features

  • Bloodstone
  • 9 mm stones
  • Hardness, 7
  • High quality seamless wire
  • Semi-precious quartz
  • Authentic bloodstone gemstone
  • Made in Nigeria
  • Wrist Size: Medium (stretchable to Large)

DISCLAIMER: Gemstones are not a replacement for professional medical care.


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