Green Agate Gemstone Bracelet


Because of its toughness Jadites were used to create various objects and tools for thousands of years before being polished and fashioned into gemstones due to its brilliance and beautiful color. It is considered to be a lucky stone that offers good health, wealth, and love.

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A beautiful semi precious agate gemstone that complements any fashion style.

Green Agate is said to bless whatever it touches. it is excellent for healing feelings of guilt, and for extreme cases of defeatism. Green Agate is a crystal of love. It is supportive of new love, and increases trustworthiness and fidelity. It also inspires love later in life.


  • Attracts Love
  • Brings money
  • Guards against misfortune
  • Removes all negative emotional thoughts
  • Improves physical healing

Bead size: 14mm

Wrist size: Medium (stretchable to large). Hand-made in Egypt.


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