Large Tiger-eye Bead Bracelet


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Tiger Eye Stone is a crystal with stripes/bands of yellow-golden color. The stone is named Tiger Eye due to its resemblance with the eye of a Tiger. It is a powerful stone which helps its wearer to be fearless and helps reduce anxiety.

Earlier it was used as a talisman or protection against curses or evil doings.

Benefits of Tiger Eye Bracelet:

  1. It balances the actions of the wearer and help in making correct decisions devoid of emotions.
  2. The Tiger Eye bracelet will give courage and confidence to its wearer.
  3. It is suitable for people who get scared easily or lack will as it strengthens the will power and make the person fearless.
  4. Wearing Tiger Eye on the wrist will keep the wearer close to his/her root chakra.
  5. Tiger Eye bracelet is beneficial for people suffering from mental or personality disorders as this stone is believed to strike the right balance between body and brain.
  6. It is beneficial for people with Capricorn Zodiac Sign.
  7. It is a beautiful bracelet and can be worn by anyone.

Product description

  1. It is a stretchable bracelet and can be worn by anyone. Diameter: 14mm
  2. It is an authentic and Natural Healing Stone / Crystal
  3. Hand-made in South Africa

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